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Perfect Atmosphere

The Coffee Shop prides itself on providing a friendly atmosphere with soft music playing throughout the day and the smell of fresh brewed coffee in the air.

Friendly Service

Providing friendly service with a smile, our baristas are always ready with a helping hand and a warm welcome. Feel like a regular whenever you visit.

Food Options

Our fresh baked pastries are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite. Breakfast and lunch options are also ready to order if you are looking for a healthy meal.

Live Music

Local bands bring live music every Wednesday and Friday nights. Also, join us Saturday where you can sing your heart out with friends at our karaoke nights.

Private Rooms

Do you need a place for a family gathering? Or a place to meet for business outings? We provide private rooms that you can reserve for these and other purposes.

Computer Friendly

We encourage you to bring your computer and/or other electronic to the Coffee Shop. We have many plugins available so you will never run out of battery.

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