Hey Biz Owners!

Flytrap provides a new way of looking at the products and services consumers are interested in.  We are targeting speechless encounters.  Providing true contextual information to end users via iOS and Android. Also, users have the ability to bookmark and subscribe.  Allowing the. To tap into the latest update, promos, and discounts.

Vendors now have the ability to target interest in their brands.  Flytrap provides a vehicle for consumers to bring real-world good to the digital world without effort.

Did you know that Flytrap allows you:
-Increase your online visibility
-Update ALL your social media at one time
-Push out promos and specials directly to your audience's phone
-Multiple ways to advertise
-Lead capture and follow up

It's all about getting the attention of your audience and controlling it on a simple, efficient, effective and positive platform.

We keep it simple. We keep it local. We keep it positive...It's who we are and it's what we do.

What to massively increase your online visibility and generate more leads organically?

Hit this link ------> bit.ly/flytrapbusiness