Sleep Wellness

Health can impact your life experience. So, if you are a person who is on the right track. You may be eating healthy, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. What about sleep? Are you getting enough? Do you want to change? What can you do to get more sleep?  There are so many reasons why people do not get enough sleep.  Those reasons could be stress, diet, work hours, busy schedule, health reasons, or even hormones. So, makers of technology are trying to bring solutions that will help you resolve your sleep issues. Below are three such examples. Some are aides, and some are just devices for tracking. 


Nokia Sleep

Nokia Health goes under you, and is great for tracking sleep. You can control your lights, and other smart home settings in relation to you get in, or out of bed.

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Sleep Number 360

Nothing better than a great sleeping bed. This bed seems to do all except get up and go to work for you. 


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Dreem Headband

The Rythm Dreem is a state of the art sleep aide

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Here are some things I do to get a better night’s sleep:
1.   Doing some stretches before bed.
2.   Drink some hot chamomile tea.
3.    A hot shower is always relaxing.
4.   Avoid screen time of any kind at least one hour before bed.
5.   Have at least 4 hours between meal time, and bed time.