Coaching - NorthTrac Coach

Provides the fundamental charting tools necessary when on the go.  Equipping coaches with easy to use tools when tracking sessions, biometrics, and maintaining goals.  This application also equipped with other useful features such as video conferencing.  Allowing face-to-face encounters for clients at distance.

Health & Wellness Screenings - NorthTrac Axis

Axis makes screenings easier to maintain.  When using Axis,  appointments can be provisioned for offline use.  Allowing the ability to capture biometrics, Health Risk Assessments, Demographic information, and/or services performed for individuals at screenings.  Then syncing when an internet connection is available.

Surveys - NorthTrac Survey

Capture the information you need with ease.  NorthTrac Survey allows to capture surveys data, then uploaded to the NorthTrac cloud.  After uploaded NorthTrac insights provide the aggregated breakdowns you need to see the big picture.

Client Access - NorthTrac Steps

NorthTrac provides a few options for clients to interact with wellness professionals.  There is the member portal and NorthTrac Steps.  Steps allow clients to link HealthKits Fitness tracking capabilities along with a collection of other features.  Clients have the ability to converse back and forth with their wellness team, track goals, participate in challenges, and even join video conference sessions while on the go.  Axis is a fundamental tool for clients to truly engage with wellness team.

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