Choosing the Right Wellness Platform

The success of an organization depends on the people in it. The employees of any organization are the foundation it lays for itself.  Healthy people result in thriving companies that produce quantitative profit margins, and excellent customer experiences. Today, more and more organizations realize the importance of having a health company make up. Therefore, many companies are starting to seek out wellness programs to improve the quality of life for their employees.  As a wellness provider, how do you measure and show the changes within the cultures you serve?

Understanding the Wellness Needs of each Organization

The wellness needs of every organization are different. Every organization has a unique set of characteristics that can not be placed into one template. Therefore, every employer should focus on a wellness strategy.  This strategy can be energized by having the right wellness coaching program and strategic plans geared to suit the needs of their organization. NorthTrac is a simple, yet comprehensive software platform that assists these wellness programs in their efforts to deliver the quality experience employers need and expect for their organizations.  Majority of wellness programs focus on employee's age, weight, height, and basic vitals. While NorthTrac allows these programs the ability to unlocks a deeper analysis that focuses beyond the common metrics and allows them to target the factors preventing change. Understanding that wellness is more than biometrics, NorthTrac’s A.I. creates a snapshot for each individual to find patterns, and conditions that each person may be experiencing and presents it in a format in which wellness teams can help mitigate the issues on a case by case scenario.


People change from year to year, whether lost a few pounds or something has changed in their lives.  NorthTrac provides not only provides the annual observations but provides ongoing observation of the life activity changes throughout the year.   Providing wellness program with the data needed to be effective.


Budget is always a concern for every organization.  Considering the scope of features provided by Northtrac, from the data analysis, event management, biometric assessment, questionnaire’s, collaboration portals, and overall general population health management tools available, makes the NorthTrac platform a required tool to invest in for your organization.