The reason I do not smoke because it was an expensive habit that had a myriad of negative health aspects to it. From an employment perspective, smoking is not convenient for the employees, the managers or the customers. For one, smoking employees often require more breaks than other employees do, which means that managers have to spend more time on the floor than usual. The smell of smoke creeps into the fabrics of the employee's clothes and hair, and there's nothing that he or she can do to stop it. Next, the customers smell the results of the employee's smoke session and may become nauseous, which is enough to drive that person away forever. 

"Employees who do not smoke will be healthier, more productive and have a greater ability to appease the customers." 

There are several ways that you can approach the idea of corporate wellness and a smoke-free workplace. One idea is to offer an incentive. The reason to offer an incentive is that smoking is an addictive habit that takes hard work to quit. Your employees may not be thrilled with the idea of going through withdrawal if they aren't getting anything from the suffering. Think about offering a corporate wellness incentive for those who partake in kicking the habit.