Physical Activity


Companies who have physically active employees can keep morale, and productivity up. They can also keep illness, and absenteeism down. So how would a company go about getting it's employees to stay active?


The challenges: Getting workers to stay physically active in off hours considering that many people are working with little sleep and very little time. Lack of accountability is often a present factor in activity. Oversaturation of information and lack of education are also factors that keep workers from being focused on physical activity goals and progress.


The solutions: Knowing your companies culture; and devising a physical activity plan with the help of a wellness coach or, a team of wellness professionals. Having a good delivery system for a healthy coaching experience along with company culture growth plans that encourage participants and provide room for activities that establish direction, and purpose within an organization. 

Having visibility of goals, and progress often requires assistance streamlining communication, and collecting vital wellness metrics.  Wellness Management software is an excellent way to help wellness programs reach these objectives. Below are a few recommendations for companies looking to stimulate physical activity within their cultures.



What companies can do to get, and stay more physically active.


Encourage, and provide weekly fitness goals. 


Offer rewards for meeting fitness goals


Post, and provide an area for fitness for employees


Offer company fitness challenges


Equipment Demonstrations.

Start, and promote clubs for activity, and fitness


Promote cycling as a commuter option by using bicycle racks


Encourage, and sponsor employees to be part of events that in include walking or fitness.


Offer equipment try-on to encourage use, and activity.



Using wellness trackers


Wellness trackers are another good way to form accountability along with being able to see progress in setting goals. 


Some Wellness Tracker Options.




Coaching with Solutions

NorthTrac- Coaches can use this solution to set up events for company screenings, and challenges. The information, charting, and communication capabilities seem to be endless. Also having one-click metrics for company health is tremendous. When a coach can spend more time coaching they would not have to charge as much to pay for the overhead, and time of managing all the separate functions. See how you can Experience NorthTrac Today.



Fitness Rooms at Work. 

Actually having an atmosphere where someone can just come in, and not have to look around for someplace near work to do activity is key. The value of teamwork is inspired when employees use the fitness room.