Are you a wellness coach who would like to take your sessions to the next level? Would you like an exciting and innovative program to share with your clients? If you have answered "yes" to these couple of questions, consider implementing the acronym C.O.A.C.H or change, organize, acquire, communication, and healing into your wellness programs. While the acronym may sound intimating, you do not have to go through the process of implementing C.O.A.C.H into your sessions alone. 

C is for Change

When you first begin working with new clients, you will need to determine their primary struggles. In other words, if they could wave a magic wand, what would they change about their health and wellbeing? Once you have identified their primary areas of concern, you can use NorthTrac during their program to capture starting points, monitor changes, and encourage feedback from you and your clients. 

O is for Organize

After determining your client's goals, it's time to set a schedule. Consider the following questions:

How long will your wellness program be?

Will your 1-on-1 program last four months or eight months?

How many personalized sessions will you offer each month?

In order to ensure that clients have an appropriate amount of time to implement the new strategies into their everyday lives, many expert wellness coaches meet with their clients two times a month. In general, a four-month program will be more effective than an eight-month one as most people tend to commit to a shorter program. 

Do you need help with keeping track of your client's schedules each month? Trust NorthTrac to make your workload much easier by organizing your participant's appointments with simple automation. By enlisting the help of our software, you'll have more free time to help your clients achieve success. 

A is for Acquire 

During the course of the wellness program, it's important to monitor your clients' progress to ensure that they are on the right track. Depending on the client, the program may need to be altered a little bit to promote optimal results. 
Instead of keeping a big, time-consuming spreadsheet with many dates of follow up appointments and important tasks, why not use NorthTrac to support the acquisition of on-going sessions, customized wellness plans, client goals, follow-up sessions, and event schedules for screenings. 

C is for Communicate 

How do you plan to interact with your clients? The two most popular options for providing your 1-on-1 sessions is face-to-face or via phone or Skype.

Face-to-Face Sessions: If you are someone who prefers direct contact with your clients so that you can observe their facial expressions and hand gestures, you will probably prefer in-person sessions. During the beginning of a client relationship, these types of sessions can be great for establishing trust. Keep in mind that the cost of rent should be incorporated into the price of your face-to-face sessions. 

Skype/Phone Sessions: The benefits of an in-person session cannot be underestimated, but that is not the only option. If you would like to extend your client base, keep strangers out of your house, save money on rent, and work in your pajama bottoms, a Skype or phone session might be better for you. Many clients also enjoy this type of session since they don't have to travel anywhere to attend the appointment. 

One way to prepare your clients for the session is to email them the coaching content before the appointment so that they have time to review the material that will be discussed. When your clients know what the session will focus on ahead of time, you guys can save time by only focusing on the areas where they really need help. 

Gone are the days of using traditional methods to communicate with your clients. Preparing for a Skype/Phone session can be much more streamlined when you use NorthTrac. Our software enables you to inform your clients of their progress and send them important information through e-mail coaching sessions that are auto-tracked for you. Long distance session are also a breeze when you use our platform for video sessions with your clients. Not only is getting and receiving communication a cinch with this software, NorthTac also makes conducting one-on-one video or phone coaching sessions easier than ever before. 

H is for Heal

As your client's program comes to an end, you'll want to have a way to measure his/her final results. Consider using NorthTac's insights and reports feature to measure your clients' overall health. Once you have measured your participant's health, you can share your findings through the software's communication portal. The good thing about NorthTrac is that all of your communications with your clients will be tracked, so participants will be able to review their health anytime they want. There is no doubt that our innovative software supports all clients on their journey to healing their health and wellbeing.