When I first opened the Samsung Health app I was pleased that the top tabs were well organized as Me, Together, Experts, and Discover. The last three of these tabs are Samsung’s Health community, and informational features, which I have yet to explore. 


When first opening the app, I was greeted with tutorials to guide me making set-up easy. I chose to track the following metrics: weight, heart rate, stress level, oxygen level, water intake, coffee intake, and of course push-ups.

Oh yeah! There’s more. I am also tracking sleep!




Data entry for the app is very easy. I was able to add water, and coffee intake by simply clicking the plus sign under each icon on the home screen.


Metrics Tracking

I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which allowed me to add the metrics for oxygen levels, stress level, and heart rate using the sensor located next to the camera on the back of the phone.


Sleep Tracking

When I went to bed at night I put my phone on my wireless Samsun fast charger, and right after getting up I removed my phone from the charger. The app then had a mostly accurate measurement of my sleep. My next steps were to rate my sleep, and then adjust the sleep time for accuracy.


Exercise Tracking.

Samsung also allows you to track some of your favorite exercises, and activities using the optional exercise trackers. Samsung has included a wide variety of trackers which include jump rope, skiing, and almost everything in-between. When I used one of these trackers for push-ups it simply tracked my workout duration, total duration, and total calories. Then hand recording my reps was easy after that.


More Information

For more info about this app, and the options available see: Samsung Health



It is so amazing how many options you get with app. You can see how just how many options that you have. This is so easy! I love easy. I can't wait to get some Samsung Gear.  

Please check out the below video tutorial done by another user of the Samsung Health app.