Ever been mowing the lawn and you see a shingle in your yard...then you look up only to see one if not multiple shingles missing from your roof due to high winds from a storm?

We have been getting several calls from Michiana residents for shingles and even metal being blown off of an asphalt or metal roof due to storm damage. 

There's several reasons this can happen from improper roof installation, quality of material your roofing contractor uses or simply a thunderstorm that produces high wind or even hail to cause the roof damage.

So the question is what should you know and do when you have damage to your roof?

Here's 3 tips to help...

#1 Document Everything.

This is extremely important if you file an insurance claim.  What some homeowners miss is that most insurance policies will replace a roof due to wind and hail from storm damage...so it's important to take pictures of your roof, write down when the storm happened [if you can remember] and check for the start of any interior leaking.

#2 Get A Certified Roof Inspection

Another critical step to protect the integrity of your home is to find a roofing contractor that can properly inspect your roof.  HOMEOWNER BEWARE! A dishonest roofing contractor may try to convince you to replace your roof when all you need is a simple repair.

But, if you have the right contractor, they will advise you to either file a claim if there's enough damage, simply repair the shingles or metal, or due to the age of your roof, you may need to replace it.  Want to talk to a trustworthy contractor who specializes in insurance claims and storm damage inspections to ask a few questions or schedule an inspection...click here!

#3 Don't Delay

If you hired the right contractor, and assuming they gave you sound advice, you need to take action immediately!  One or two shingles missing doesn't seem like much to be concerned with, but in reality it could result in leaking into your attic causing concern for mold, amongst other potential problems.  The funny thing about water is that if there's a way for it to get into your house...IT WILL!

Final Words...

Your family is as safe as the environment it's in...so take care of your roof!  From the ground, one missing shingle could be meaningless, but from our standpoint we have seen it cause severe problems for those who disregard the issue.  Obviously one post won't answer all your questions or you may want to schedule an inspection right away to ensure you're protected!

If that's the case and you want a professional by your side then click here to ensure you have an honest and reliable roofing contractor to get the job done right so you can rest easy at night!