Digital marketing is the new way to reach out to different audiences and generate leads and conversions. While word of mouth can certainly be useful, it doesn't generate nearly as much as Search Engine Optimization does. Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a way to make a webpage more marketable and searchable for users online. It helps create brand awareness and lead conversion. By using different SEO techniques, you can make your brand super optimized over the internet and easily discovered. 

For starters, let's look at the main point of Search Engine Optimization. This method of digital marketing is a way to help users find brands over search engines such as Flytrap, Google, or Quora. Different techniques give a website or a page a higher chance of appearing at, or close to, the top of a search engine's ranking. This can be mostly done through organic methods of reaching audiences. 

One example of SEO is the constant push for content generation. Whether it's paid or organic (non-paid) advertisement, generating content on a consistent basis is a good way to start making your brand's way up the search engine rankings. If you're talking about specific subjects regularly, there's a better chance your site is going to be found when certain keywords are typed in, which brings us to our next point... 

Keywords are super important to the world of Search engine optimization. When used a certain amount of times in a natural and fluid manner in pieces of content, your keyword makes your page higher ranked in search engines. You'll notice this when you type in a certain word or phrase in google. Do you ever notice how those words are bolded when you see the first few sentences of a piece of content on the Google Search results? That is a result of using keywords multiple times. Do your proper research and make your keywords read fluidly and you'll have no problem with a higher ranking. 

Backlinks are also crucial to making your content more search engine optimized. They help search engines calculate the relevance of the content that is posted in addition to the keyword that is used. Having information that uses backlinks to back up the research makes the pages more defined and legitimate for users searching for information. When the information is back linked and full of different searches, it ranks higher in search engines. 

Finally, the titles are of major importance in the world of search engine optimization. When you create a title, make sure that it is no more than a certain amount of characters and words. That is, of course, dependent on whether or not you are trying to use long tail or short tail keywords. Long tail keywords are great for specifying on the type of subject you're talking about. These are great for expanding on the audience that you've already established. Since you're using long tail key keywords, they won't be as competitive as short term, but it will be very effective when targeting niche audiences. These are great in titles and for phrases used throughout the content. 

Short tail keywords are the most effective type of keywords for search engine rank. These are good for either title or for words that naturally flow in sentences throughout the content. They are only one word, which from a creative standpoint, can make it easy to use. If you're speaking on a specific subject, you can place it in the title or sentences. Short tail keywords are also great for discussing general topics where it may be required to be placed in either the title or the content itself.