I have always had a problem with free. I don’t trust it.

Meaning, there always seems to be a catch behind it or at least I felt like I was getting something of a lesser value. Now I know that's not always the case, but that's what my experience has been.

Which brings up my point today...can we really trust a FREE roof inspection?

Try this: Google “roofing contractor near me” or “roofing company in Granger” [or whatever city you live in] and you’re going to see “free” all over the place.

I mean I get it, but this is your roof we're talking about!

You cannot afford to have mistakes made when we're discussing your roof and whether or not it's fully protecting your family.

Our team has responded to calls were there have been subtle leaks that no one saw before it was too late because of overlooked storm damage…and guess what?!


Now there are interior damages, structural issues, mold concerns, potential health concerns…the list goes on-and-on!

Typically the person doing the inspection is 100% commission based, so they’re not getting paid to do the inspection. They only get paid when you pay for a service…so you see where I’m going with this.

I don’t trust free when it comes to my roof and you shouldn’t either when it comes to yours!

I always tell my team that when they present a problem they need to present a solution as well. So here’s my solution to “free” when it comes to your roof:

Pay for a certified roof inspection. It’s that simple!

It’s a low cost to make sure you have peace of mind, your roof is leak free and ready to take on the elements.

So if you want an honest, trustworthy and qualified inspection from a reputable roofing contractor call/text us today at 574-218-0642 or tap here

After we inspect your roof you’ll know the condition and how much “life” you have left, any unseen damages from past or recent storms, along with any areas of concerns for leaking and comprehensive next steps, if needed, to solve any problems you may have.

So if you had a free inspection recently, but now you’re doubting if you really got the value you thought you were getting simply give us a call/text today at 574-218-0642 or tap here

P.S. Being we are Michiana’s top roofing company when it comes to insurance claims...if we recommend you file an insurance claim and it gets approved for a full replacement, or if you decide you want to replace your roof after our findings we will waive our $47 inspection fee!