We have all heard it before…”You need to get three estimates.”


Or as a roofing contractor, at least here in Michiana, we hear that a homeowner is looking for three estimates before a decision is made on the right roofing company.


PRO TIP:  As a buyer, always be motivated by quality or quantity [as in price]. Meaning in roofing, you get what you pay for.  ALWAYS!


With that said, here are a few insider secrets to what you should be aware of when getting estimates:


Lowest Price Offer

BUYER BEWARE!  As mentioned above, price matters when it comes to your roof.  When you think about accepting the lowest offer, you may be accepting inferior products used and talent on your roof.


Which Roofing Contractor Should You Trust

This one is huge!  Ok, so you have three estimates, what’s next? More confused than ever…I can imagine!  How do you know which one is right and who to trust?


The answer is simple: do your homework before calling for an estimate or roof inspection.  If you have prequalified them, then all you need to do is ask questions about materials/procedures, how soon can the job be done and warranty options/protocol when the contractor is onsite.


Why An Insurance Company May Use This

Insurance companies will sometimes require you to get three estimates when you file an insurance claim.


While it’s good to get those estimates, this could limit what you could be getting from your insurance payout to cover the damages.  This happens as most insurance companies will take an average of those estimates, which ultimately lowers your overall payout.


It’s best to pick a contractor who specializes in insurance claims and knows the buying habit of your particular provider.  When you secure the services of a roofing contractor who specializes in the claim process; it helps to ensure that you’re getting proper guidance throughout the process, as it can be confusing and frustrating.


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