Let’s just cut to the chase…Should you feel guilty for filing an insurance claim for roof damage if you’re missing shingles due to wind or hail damage from a recent storm?


OF COURSE YOU SHOULD! THAT IS…If you fork over a lot of cash for a full roof replacement before first exploring the option of using your insurance.


However, there is sense of guilt that we sometimes run into concerning making a claim…like it’s somehow wrong or cheating the system.


At Relentless Roofing Co. we pride ourselves in eliminating the potential tension, frustration and confusion that can come from filing an insurance claim…and it is our goal to eliminate any concerns when it comes to using your insurance in the way it’s intended to be.


So we want to give you three things to help alleviate any concerns you may have about filing a claim.


It’s What You Have It For

It’s simple…this is the reason why you have insurance.  You pay in every month for the purpose that if something goes wrong you have a plan in place to effectively and efficiently work on your behalf.


Using your insurance to replace your roof is like using your insurance to replace your knee…You pay in and use your health insurance without a thought.


This is the same.


It’s Not Ethically Or Morally Wrong…Nor Is It Fraud

Again, it is absolutely within the parameters of your policy to file a claim for your roof if you have damage.


Now there are shady ways a roofing company can defraud insurance companies such as creating the storm damage [yes, it’s possible], over charging youyou’re your insurance and/or simply taking your money and running…


…But if your roofing contractor is a professional who is trained to work with insurance companies and has a proven track record you’re in good hands. [Click here to find trained & trustworthy professional]


If you have the right amount of damage, know the buying habits of your insurance company and have the right roofing contractor…


…Then filing a claim is within every ethical code and should be the recommendation of a good roofing company.


It’s Actually The Right Thing To Do

Listen, I get that some things in life seem too good to be true.  Having a full roof replacement at the low cost of your deductible seems too good because it is.




If you have damage to your car…you get it fixed. 

If you need an adjustment…you go to the chiro.

If you break a bone…you go to the hospital.


Essentially, anywhere else in life that there’s “damage” you go into action and don’t think twice because it’s the natural thing to do.


The same way it’s the natural and right thing to do in the examples above…filing an insurance claim when you have damage that meets your policy’s qualifications should be the right thing as well.


If you feel you have damage and would like to speak with a trained specialist click here to call!