It never fails…every year in the fall there’s an awakening that happens.


Summer has ended, the grill is put up for the year and the pool is closed, but something is missing??


AHHHHHHHH!!! Snow is about to fly and you still haven’t done anything about your roof!




You start googling “roofing company in Granger” or “roofing contractor near me” only to find out they’re booked.


Now what do you do?


You post on your Facebook page only to have everybody and their brother recommending a roofing contractor and now you don’t know what to do or who to trust.


OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it happens like that sometimes.


But here’s what I’m not exaggerating about…when you’re getting estimates be careful about going with the lowest bid!




And it’s typically because they will cut-corners, use lower quality materials, they don’t pay their employees well or provide insurance…the list goes on.


I’m not saying that all low estimates are because of this, but always remember you get what you pay for, especially in a roofing contractor.


Here’s a few things to consider when you receive an estimate to replace your roof:

  • Ask about how unforeseen problems or expenditures will be handled.
  • Make sure you get decking replacement costs on your contract before you sign it.
  • Be very critical of communication before you sign your contract. If they cannot return a phone call or text in a timely manner…they lack excellence and it will be displayed on your roof.
  • Do your research. Read reviews. ALL OF THEM!
  • Be careful about giving a large deposit upfront. If they insist on a large down payment that is a good indicator that a scam may be going on or they manage money poorly.
  • Ask about what materials they’re using. What goes under your asphalt or metal roof is just as important!
  • Find out what the clean up protocol is and what the response will be if you’re not satisfied.


Those are just a few simple things that you need to be aware of when it comes to an estimate that is the lowest.


Your experience with your roofing company starts with the first phone call to inquire about their services to when the last nail is picked up.


So anytime there’s a gut check a long the way we encourage you to stop, ask the right questions, get clarity and make sure you have 100% comfort and confidence moving forward!


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