Why do so many companies prefer custom software development?

In the world of enterprise computing, there are thousands of ready-made applications that serve specific functions. Nonetheless, many business users seem to favor custom software. 

Why might someone use a bespoke solution instead of a commercial off-the-shelf, or COTS, alternative? Here are some excellent reasons.


COTS software commonly misses the mark. For instance, although tools like spreadsheet and database management applications are highly capable, they don't always perform the jobs that users want them to right out of the box. Instead, businesses have to spend extra time implementing the formulas and functions that they need for their workflows.

Custom software is easier to work with because it serves the exact purpose for which it was designed. Since it already meets user specifications, it can be integrated into existing workflows more seamlessly. 


Companies that rely on COTS solutions aren't just dependent on applications. Their fates are also tied to their software vendors. If a provider that produces and maintains a program collapses or stops supporting that version, its users may have to rethink their entire business models.

Software that has been custom fitted to its users' purposes is a bit more stable and cost-effective. Since users pay for the software development as well as the resulting code, they may even be able to keep developing on their own initiative if the original programmer becomes unavailable.

Customer Service

Custom applications aren't just for running businesses. They also serve as products intended for consumer use. 

Companies depend on tailor-made tools to provide specific functions that they know are in demand. This strategy contributes to improved consumer relationships by keeping people satisfied.

Is a custom software application right for your organization?

These are just a few of the reasons why custom software is making huge waves in enterprise computing ecosystems. To learn more about the advantages, talk to one of our gurus.

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