The Problem

Like many companies like ours we were having a problem tracking how much time, our team was investing in each project or initiative.  We were spending too much time on specific tasks and going past initial estimates.

The Journey

We went out and tried several different project tracking applications, tools, and frameworks.  To our surprise, they all were very good at a specific thing but wasn’t really designed the way we needed them to work.  We need to be able to solutions to bend and integrate into our ecosystem vs us learning how to adapt to their frameworks.  A few offered the ability to create workflows, but the amount of time building these workflows didn’t make sense for projects we are working on.   We simply need to know how much time a client had committed too, develop time constraints on executable tasks, and log the progress along the way.

The Solution

After our discovery process, we decided that we just need to build something small to achieve the outcomes we were looking for.  This is where Clockwyz was born.  We started with simple task management and mixed in our time clocks to evaluate the best time utilization across all of the teams.  Then we found out a lot of times, tasks were not just assigned to one person, but multiple collaborators were involved.  So, we snapped that into the solution.   

The Outcome

At the end of the year, Clockwyz helped evolve our systems of how conducted our projects and allowed our team to stay accountable for the work that was being performed.  As a business owner, I was so ecstatic with the results, I decided that every business should be able to have the opportunity to get the result we experienced to started developing an option for all business experience.

Next Steps

If this a problem that your business may be experiencing look at Clockwyz we are providing a free offering to see how you could use the application for your business.  Feel free to shoot us any feedback or suggestion at [email protected]