As a business manager, it’s not only important for you to stay organized, but it is also important for you to be able to manage your employees. Being able to effectively communicate project deadlines and task assignments will help you work better with your team to produce a better product. It will also help you build a better relationship with clients because you’ll be able to plan future projects while your team completes ongoing tasks. Once you find a working organizational system, what you’ll be able to accomplish as a company will be limitless.

However, finding a manageable organizational system is hard. You have a lot on your mind including an abundance of deadlines, tasks that need prioritizing, and you still have to remember to walk the dog, or feed the baby, or even feed yourself at the end of a long day. Office supply stores can provide you with a multitude of organizational options, from calendars to post-it notes, but paper is no longer the most reliable option for keeping track of your schedule. Paper can get lost or damaged and it is time consuming to transfer your schedule from your work calendar to your home calendar.

The only calendar you really need is the Clockwyz app. Not only will the Clockwyz app organize your daily projects and tasks, but it will keep track of what tasks are being completed on time and what task might need more attention. For instance, our friend Molly has a presentation for an ad campaign that is ahead of schedule, but her team working on the financial report is behind schedule. Clockwyz will allow people like Molly to view her employees progress on each task and analyze where she might need to redistribute the workload.

With Clockwyz, your employees can log hours on a task or project so you can make sure that each project is receiving the same amount of attention. All the information you log into Clockwyz will be stored online, so you only have to input the information once. Since you are inputting your schedule online, you can view the progress of your projects anywhere. You won’t have to worry about transferring your schedule onto three different calendars or playing with post-it notes when you have to reschedule a meeting or an assignment. With Clockwyz, you can easily modify your schedule and the application rearranges it for you.

Organization is an important key to success. While organizing schedules and tracking projects can be time consuming, Clockwyz alleviates the tedious parts of maintaining a good schedule, allowing you to focus on more important tasks at hand. Clockwyz will allow you to accomplish tasks more efficiently and help your company succeed.

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