Distractions are dangerously lurking around every corner. Snacking, watching TV, or searching the internet for cute dog videos can lead to a never-ending cycle of procrastination. To increase work productivity, it is necessary to ward off these distractions. As a business manager, it is especially important to make sure that tasks are being completed on time in order to reach your goal and finish projects. One way to make sure you and your team are not procrastinating is to log the hours you spend on a project or a task. Although there are many options for staying organized, it is imperative that you find the organizational system that is right for you.

Office supplies stores can provide you with a variety of options to keep yourself organized but provide you with few options to keep your team organized. Since the Clockwyz app is a calendar that you can share with your employees, it makes it easy for you and your employees to stay on top of tasks. Employees can log hours they spend on tasks so you can analyze where most of your team’s efforts are going to see if another project needs more attention. For instance, our friend Molly stayed up all night working on a tutorial about fast fashion because her team was busy working on a presentation about unconventional clothing designs due next month. With Clockwyz, Molly could set due dates for each project so that her team knows how to prioritize their tasks, saving Molly time and sleep.

Proper team organization is the key to productivity. Clockwyz allows your team to stay updated on project deadlines so they can focus their attention on the most urgent tasks first. The app allows you to keep track of your team’s hours logged on each project so that you will never fall behind.

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