Step 1 - Know your Patient

Understanding your customer is the most vital component in creating a solution that offers worth, and  value others lives.  If haven’t determined "who" this audience is, you may be leaving a lot of time on the table. Many of my projects start out with understanding who the customer is, what they do on a daily basis, and taking on their role by walking in their shoes to understand how I can create something the works best for them.

Step 2 - The Pain

Understanding what drives your customers crazy, what keeps them up at night, and makes their life a living hell is my next coarse of action.  Everyone has something that provides discomfort or is straight out killing them on a daily basis.  Identify if you are the right person that can relieve their pain.   Understanding  this pain will allow you provide the proper diagnosis so that you may determine the right medicine create in your lab.

Step 3 - The Medicine

Ensure the product you are providing is built with purpose. Target the pain points first, then provide ongoing relief with the value of your solution. You customers will immediately feel value/relief in your product if you target the places they a hurting most.  You and your customer may get distracted by all of the other possibilities, but focus is key.  Providing solutions to problems that don't exists yet will be less appreciated, but more accepted later after the providing the initial application of your pain killer.