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Top 3 way’s to take advantage of the DroneBroker’s aerial videos and photos services

DroneBroker provides quality aerial footage and photos from licensed professional drone pilots.  DroneBroker’s provides a massive resource for marketing, branding, and companies looking to acquire aerial presence to their campaigns.

DroneBroker’s provides a single source to tap into expert pilots that product quality aerial videography and photography for you to reuse to #elevate your brand next level. 

Here are the top 3 ways you can use DroneBroker to ignite your brand:

1. Downloadable Local Video and Photos

Sign up for a free account and use DroneBrokers pay-as-you go model to retrieve on-demand aerial video and photos in the areas you wish to target your campaign.  This library growing rapidly as they add on new pilots to service your needs.  All footage is vetted from the DroneBroker avionics team to ensure your footage is clear of any licensing issues

2. Endorse a public mission

Advertise your support within missions executed by your local drone pilots.  Sponsoring missions provides a very simple and easy way to generate traffic to your product, brand or services.  Missions provide an inexpensive and value enriched way to get traction.

3. Request Private Jobs

Private jobs provide an excellent way to acquire exclusive content that is not available to others.  This content can be used for productions, marketing, or for research and development.


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