When it comes to time management, flexibility is key. It is impossible to prevent unpredictable changes in your schedule. It is important that these unpredictable changes won’t cause your schedule to collapse. A flexible schedule allows you to navigate around unpredictable circumstances. There will always be aspects of your schedule that you cannot control, but if you have a flexible schedule, you will still be able to stay on task and complete your projects on time.

While office supplies stores provide you with a multitude of options for organization, from calendars, accordion folders, post-it notes, and assignment pads, these options do not allow space for changes and amendments to your calendar. As a team manager, coordinating your schedule with all your team members can be difficult. Juggling several calendars that all your employees have access to takes up a lot of trees and a lot of time.

The Clockwyz app gives you unlimited space to write and rewrite your calendar in order to implement necessary changes. You can easily change due dates on projects to adjust to your schedule. Clockwyz allows you to update the progress you have made on each task and reassign tasks to different employees. For example, our friend Molly needs to accommodate two of her employees’ scheduling conflicts, but since she doesn’t have Clockwyz, she has to squeeze the changes onto a small calendar. Molly has so many annotations on her calendar that it is near impossible to read. On paper there is no room for rescheduling and progress updates, causing your calendar to become illegible and messy.

Clockwyz makes it easier to have a flexible schedule. As a small business, it is important to accommodate changes in your employees’ or clients’ schedules, while still being able to keep projects on track. Clockwyz allows you to change the due dates of projects and reassign employees to different tasks without the mess of a calendar.

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