The key to a well-organized schedule is simplicity. Running a small business takes time and coordination in order to make sure every member of your team is on the same track to completing your company’s goal.  A simple system for organization makes for better communication among your employees.  However, the more projects you add to your company’s to do list, the harder it is to keep your schedule under control. When tasks pile up it can feel suffocating and almost impossible to keep projects moving forward. A simple schedule allows you and your company to put projects in perspective.

Office supply products make it near impossible to keep a schedule simple. Paper products don’t allow room for annotations and amendments to your schedule because you are restricted by the space on the calendar or notebook. A digital space would allow you to expand your schedule in a simple and legible manner. However, even some organizational apps can be just as confusing, offering an infinite number of formatting options that can cause you to spiral down a rabbit hole, rather than inspire productivity.

Clockwyz has a user-friendly preface that makes for a functional schedule that is easily digestible. Too many options sometimes prolong the schedule-making process and gives more opportunities for information to be lost. However, if you log your information in the same format, you will always know where to find it. For instance, our friend Molly lost the data for the hours logged into a presentation because it wasn’t with the rest of her projects. If Molly used Clockwyz she would have all the projects for her company together in one space.

Recording the progress on a project is important, but it is just as important that this data is accessible and easy to communicate to the rest of your team. Clockwyz prevents this disorganization by having an easy interface that will keep you and your employees on task.