Hiring a drone service can save your time and money when taking off for next drone video and photography adventure. These days it is not necessary to own a drone and get a license to have the benefit of experience fantastic aerial shots.  You can hire a drone pilot for special events and occasions to have those amazing aerial shots to capture special moments forever.  There are loads of freelance professional and fully licensed drone pilots around.  You can find some of them at dronebroker.io


Booking a drone flight request through dronebroker.io will give you an opportunity to get photos and video of an occasion that regular still photographers or videographers will never capture.  For any occasion or event, such as a wedding or family reunion, capturing it from the air will amplify and lend magic to the footage.  There are a few things you need to consider before you hire a drone pilot, here are some tips you need to bear in mind when hiring a drone pilot.


Manage your expectations

When deciding to use a drone to capture any footage, be sure to manage your expectations of the end product over the capability of the drone you have chosen to hire.  As with any service, the lower the price, there should be a realistic expectation of low-quality photos or video.  A higher budget will ensure that a more advanced drone is used and certainly higher-resolution footage.  Asking your friend who usually flies his drone over weekends to capture some footage over hiring a professional is very different, you get to save some money but will not be getting sub-standard quality footage.


Enquire about post-production services

Professional drone pilots will often offer post-production services, such as photoshopping into their price.  Little photo touchups and video footage editing will ensure you get the best possible product in the end.  If the freelancer does not state any post-production services in his contract, be sure to inquire if it is included in the final price.  Some professionals may include the service at an extra cost.  It is always good to know what you are paying for. Working with DroneBroker you can opt-in to have this done for you and save time worrying about the finished quality of your deliverables.


Flexible with time and dates

It is best to try book a drone flight far in advance as professional drone footage is high in demand and you will want to ensure you lock in a slot on the calendar.  Once a booking has been made, DroneBroker calls a few times before your event to make sure everything is still on track.  There are times when pilots are double-booked, or equipment fails.  That it is a great idea to sign up for the DB Reserves services.  They will lock in a backup squad to fulfill your flight request.


It is always a good idea to also go through the sort of shots or footage you want for the event.  DroneBroker works with the pilots to advise how and when to get that particular photo or video.  Also, DroneBroker checks to make sure that drones can be used in the area you are hosting your event.  For example, some drones cannot be used indoors, and drones cannot flow higher than 400 ft.


Following these tips will ensure you have great footage and photos of your special event.  Hiring a professional will ensure you are happy with the end product for a long time.


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