Drones are an incredible way to transition the outside to the inside of your home.  Also, aerial photography and aerial videos provide an excellent way to expose the surrounding area’s of a prospective property, accenting all of the facets of the property that are sometimes overlooked such as the large tree in the back yard or the flowing river in the back of the property.

Today only 9% of residential real-estate home listings utilize the drone to capture aerial experiences around the properties they sell.  Why is this you ask?  Some say it is more it’s the upfront money to get footage taken.  Typically prices range from $300 - $1000 for capturing just the outside experience.  The range is large and skewed it has made it difficult to utilize this amazing asset to sell homes.


Who is using drone photography for Real Estate?

Real Estate Agents and Teams to increase their closing ratios are definitely among the 9 percentile.  They understand that invest a little to get their client's top dollar for their home while increasing their conversion rates is definitely a win.  Many of these agents understand the fact that money is being left on the table the longer properties sit on the market untouched.

Today within the South Bend, Indiana Michiana area today there are currently 168 luxury listings topping over $500K+ that do not have drone aerial video or photography.  This investment would really allow prospective home buyers to experience and feel the outdoor amenities of their next home.


Hiring a Drone Pilot vs. Drone Broker


Hiring a Licensed Professional Pilot


Licensed Professional Pilot Drone pilots have to endure passing the Part 107 knowledge assessment.  This exam test a wide range of subject matter knowledge that enforces the rules of air space and safety.


Drone pilots that specialize in photography have an eye for best angles that accent the special aspects of your property at a birds-eye view.


It is illegal to flytrap a drone for commercial purposes.  This includes taking pictures of your homes for reselling.  Working with a certified pilot will keep you how of legal mishaps, and if you are a realtor it could you from losing your real estate license.


Accidents will happen.  Knowing what to do when things go south is essential and having the right procedures in place is key.  Drone pilots are trained to know what to do in dire situations, and many carry additional insurance to cover when mishaps happen.


Hiring a Drone Broker

All the Benefits of a Drone Pilot

Working with a drone broker you get all of the benefits of working with a pilot with the benefit of extending resource of working with a variety of aerial talents.

Pilot vetting

A drone broker will find the best pilot to complete your project.  Brokers verify credentials, skill, and capabilities, and work closely with pilots to know their strengths so that they best match them to the right jobs.

Pricing Matching

A drone broker can find the best prices in the market to commission pilots and bundle post-editing services for your property.

Time Savings

A drone broker can save you time by you not having to manage pilots, scheduling, background checks, post-editing work, and quality checks for your footage is at the best value possible.


Bottom Line

Gather aerial video and photography is a huge value for selling your property and it provides an immense attraction to home seeker looking for a new home.  When pursuing this venture make sure that your facts when working with drones.  If you decide to hire a drone pilot direct you need to make sure they are official and qualified to work for you.  Using a drone broker may cost a little more, but you could actually saving money and resting assured that you are protected receiving the highest level of drone services.


If your curious about learning how you can get started with aerial video or photography for your property, you can ask a drone broker to get started in the right direction.

Ask a Drone Broker