Olivia loves knitting scarves and she wants to share her love of scarves with you. So, she creates her own business, naming it something cutesy with her name mixed into the title Like Scarfia, or Oknitia, or probably something much better than that. Turns out, you love Olivia’s scarves too. Olivia realizes that she wants to spread her love of scarves to more people, and to do that, she needs to expand her business.

Olivia hires a knitter or two, but the more love Olivia receives for her scarves, the more Olivia realizes that she can’t do this on her own. Olivia needs software that can help her manage the daily tasks of running her business such as tracking inventory and sales. Olivia may know everything there is to know about scarves, but she knows nothing about creating her own software that can serve her business needs.

Luckily, Olivia has Viviscape to help her build custom software that will be fitted to her business needs. Olivia trusts Viviscape because all of Viviscape’s developers have twenty plus years of experience. She also trusts Viviscape because she knows she isn’t getting a generic software that is built for the general public, but rather a software that is built with her in mind. Not only will Viviscape create software to help Olivia effectively run her business, but Viviscape also creates software for Olivia to connect with her customers.

All Olivia has to do is tell Viviscape what she wants, and Viviscape will create, design, and manage the project all on their own. However, what Olivia likes most about Viviscape is that when the software is complete, Olivia will own the rights to her software and VIviscape will still update and maintain the software as needed. This gives Olivia more time to focus on the more creative aspects of making scarves.