As a wellness coach, you have the important job of keeping people on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. What you do is important, because creating healthy habits for people can change their life. However, as your network expands the harder it is to stay on top of your clients to make sure that they are making healthy decisions.

With NorthTrac’s apps, you can schedule face to face appointments with your clientele through NorthTrac’s video chat. Face to face meetings are important to you because it allows you to connect with your clients on a personal level. Knowing your clients helps you tailor a wellness program to every individual clients’ needs. Since you tailor your programs so specifically to all of your clients, you are looking for a tool to help manage their everyday stats and biometrics. This will make it easier for you to maintain personalized programs even with a growing clientele base. Lucky for you, NorthTrac Axis 2 allows you to track your clients’ biometrics and upload them to the cloud, even when you are offline. The more you document about your clients the better wellness program you can create for them.

However, you also value your clients’ input on the wellness programs you’ve been crafting for them. Being a wellness coach means, listening to your clients concerns and creating a plan that best suits their fitness needs. NorthTrac’s surveys allows you to collect data on your clients thoughts about their wellness programs. The combination of NorthTrac’s biometrics and survey applications will allow to create a program that is truly the best fit for your client.

You love creating wellness programs with your clients in mind, but sometimes you feel no matter how personalized you make your wellness programs, you know it is up to your clients to do the work. You meet with your clients on a weekly basis and it seems that life gets in the way of them making the healthy decision you have discussed with them. NorthTrac’s coach and myCoach apps allow you to be in the pocket of your clients throughout their day. You can message your clients while they are at the office, or buying grocery, or watching Netflix with their cat. You can be there for them when they are most tempted to eat an entire bag of chips or skip the gym. NorthTrac apps will help you be there for your clients.