You’ve recently doubled your employees to meet the demand for your product. You own a bakery, you run a law office, you maintain your Etsy shop, you buy and sell used cars, or whatever it is that you do, you need a way to effectively streamline your business needs. This business, this thing that you do, is your baby. You built your company from the ground up and you’ve poured a lot of hard work and love into it. So, it is important to you that as your company grows, that it not only continues to succeed, but that it maintains whatever drew you to this business in the first place.


However, as your business grows you have less time to put the love factor into your work. It is hard work to manage a team of people. Then, all of the sudden before you even notice it, your hard work loses the love you once had because you’re too busy trying to manage something that is bigger than you could’ve ever imagined. You can’t do this on your own and luckily you don’t have to.

Viviscape’s custom mobile apps will help your business strive and give you the time to put your passion back into your business. Viviscape can create mobile apps that are specific to your business needs. Viviscape’s apps can help interpersonal relationships within your company by sending important notifications to your employees and improving communication among your team members. Viviscape’s apps can also help you expand your business and connect with your consumers.


Whatever you need to help your business grow, Viviscape is here to help. Viviscape can create hybrid apps that operate offline. This allows you to connect with your customers and employees wherever you are, whether you are grocery shopping or taking a walk in the park, you will be able to receive updates about the happening in your company at all times. Mobile apps tend to work faster than software because it is built to be specifically compatible to your iOS or Android’s ecosystem. Mobile applications also allow you to use your locations to advertise your business.

Social Connection

Whether you are looking for a mobile app to help you connect to your customers or a mobile app to help you connect with your clients, Viviscape’s custom mobile app will create an application that is unique to your needs. Generic apps are unsuitable for a company as unique as yours. Viviscape’s honor your uniqueness by creating an app tailored to your needs and that will give you the help you need to grow your business and keep your love strong in what you do.