Molly believes in serving her community. Therefore, she created a team of people to help children who struggle with their schoolwork. Molly loves academics and Molly loves children. However, Molly doesn’t love project management. Molly hires Ryan to manage her projects for her, but Molly’s ideas are so scatter that Ryan doesn’t know where to start.

Ryan decides to buy Molly a calendar and pens for color coding Molly’s different projects. Ryan loves Molly’s ideas and he wants to help Molly the best that he can to make sure Molly’s programs succeed. However, Molly is constantly changing her mind and coming up with new, better ideas. Ryan fills Molly’s calendar with so many post-it notes that he can no longer see the dates on the calendar.

Ryan decides that paper products aren’t the best solution for Molly needs. Ryan turns to Clockwyz, an online software to manage Molly’s projects and tasks. With Clockwyz, Ryan can manage all of Molly’s projects without it looking messy. He can break up projects into individual tasks, providing specific steps that can make Molly’s goals a reality.

To further ensure that Molly will reach her goals, Ryan even logs into Clockwyz an estimate of how long each task should take. He also sets a start and completion date for each task. Molly and her team can log their hours into Clockwyz and compare the estimated time to complete the task to the actual amount of time it takes to complete the task. Ryan can then adjust Molly’s schedule accordingly, making sure her goals stay realistic.