Rita loves her dogs. In fact, Rita loves her dogs so much she created a special treat to brighten up their meals. Turns out Rita dogs love Rita’s treat, almost as much as Rita loves her dogs. Rita wondered if more dogs could benefit from her treats. So, she experimented with multiple flavors and before Rita knew it, word was getting around about Rita’s delightful dog treats. Rita was so thrilled that they were a big hit with all of her dog-lover friends that she wanted to create more.

However, now that’s Rita is confident that there is an audience to sell her dog treats to, she is looking to expand. Rita wants to bring happiness to dogs, not only in her neighborhood, but her town, and her state, and maybe even all across America. Rita has a habit of letting her ambitions get ahead of her, so she drew up plans to expand her business, outlining the steps she needs to make in order for her to share her dog treats with all dog-lovers. Only she got stuck when it came to advertising.

Word of mouth is a limited source of advertisement, Rita knows this, but she doesn’t know how to start to get the word out about her delicious doggy treats. Then, Rita found FlyTrap Directories. With FlyTrap Directories Rita can expose her business through the web using FlyTrap listings and SMS messaging, FlyTrap directories will make it their mission that Rita’s brand and voice is heard.

FlyTrap News allows Rita to post articles about the new flavor of dog treats she’s experimenting with, giving a large base of potential customers an insight into her passion. FlyTrap also allows Rita to attach tags to her brand like "dog-lovers" and "yummy treats" so that her product is more likely to appear in her target audiences’ engine search. Rita can even link her FlyTrap pages to her social accounts to keep her audience updated on the ongoings of her dogs and the experimentation of her dog treats.

When Rita is feeling extra confident, she even sends out videos of her dogs enjoying her tasty treats. For Rita, this isn’t just a good business idea, but an adventure that will bring her closer to her dogs. FlyTrap not only allows Rita to share her love of dogs with the world but allows the world to reciprocate their love for Rita’s dog treats.