Are you protecting your bank accounts and credit cards from scammers? Stop using your debit card online!

Have you ever been in a situation where you sign up for a subscription and find out it nearly impossible to get out of it?  Well, this is a situation that most consumers face in their online digital experiences.  About two years ago I came across a solution called Privacy.  I was skeptic at first until have I gave it a try.

This is how it works:

Privacy works just like a debit card, without you giving out your real credit card number.

You can set perform the following functions with Privacy:


Yeah, you heard it right.  It is a free service made to keep your money safe.  That one is a no brainer for me.

Create one-time user cards (burner cards)

These are great if you are looking to purchase something online and you only want to be charged for the one thing have purchased.  The card automatically is disposed of after one transaction.  I am a fan of this one when purchasing a new product online from a vendor I don’t really know or trust.

Vendor Locking

When you create a virtual card, then use it.  It automatically locks to the vendor it is used for.  So, if someone gets the virtual card number it is unusable.

Set Spending Limits

For Business

This one is huge for business use.  You don’t need to worry about getting credit cards for employees.  You can set spending limits and monitor the activity in real-time.  You also have the ability to freeze the card with a click of a button.

For Personal

Let’s face it. We live in a digital age and kids do too.  Setting limits for vendors like Apple, Google, Amazon, Steam, PlayStation, Microsoft, and EA just to name a few are an amazing way of setting limits for kids and yourself to create discipline and/or monitor real-time spending activity from a specific vendor.


This is my favorite part. Visibility is critical to me.  You receive a push notification, SMS, emails for if a transaction successfully goes through or even when a payment attempt occurs when declined.

If you are looking to spend your money safer get started with a free account.

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