Many people use Facebook as a way to connect with family and friends.  Let me tell you a story about how Katrina adopted Facebook into her business model to get shocking results.

Katrina just saved up enough money to open her own dance studio. Katrina is excited to pass down her passion and technique to future generations of dancers. Since Katrina just purchased her studio, no one knows about Katrina’s passion or talent for dance. They also don’t know about her discounts when you sign up for more than one class. How can Katrina spread the word about her studio?

Katrina is active on various social media platforms, but she doesn’t have experience using these platforms to promote her brand. Consumers often use social platforms to make decisions about purchases. Consumers who have positive experiences with a brand’s social media are more likely to recommend that brand to a friend. Knowing the importance of a business’s social media presence, Katrina is overwhelmed with where and how she should start advertising her dance company.

Katrina knows that Facebook is the number one social platform for promoting small and large businesses. Facebook has one of the widest demographics of users out of any other social media platform. Facebook is a great way for Katrina to keep her customers informed, develop her brand, and broaden her reach. Katrina starts by making a business page for her brand where she puts her contact info, address for her studio, lists of dance classes she offers, as well as prices and promotions. She takes a picture of her studio that she uses as her profile picture and a photo of the dancers in her dance company for her cover photo. Katrina invites her friends to her page to generate traffic for her company’s business page.  Once people like her page, the posts Katrina creates for her business will pop up in their newsfeed.

Katrina wants to keep customers interested in her page, so she makes sure that she posts at least once a day. However, Katrina knows that it isn’t just the volume of her posts that will keep people interested, but also the quality of the content. Katrina makes sure that her posts are a variety of entertaining dance memes, informative articles about where to buy the best tap shoes or exciting news about the dance industry, and promos of deals and new classes that her dance company provides. Her goal is to attract customers by selling them, not only her brand but her story.

Once Katrina attracts users to like her page, she wants to make sure that her posts are reaching her audience and not just getting lost in the clutter of their newsfeed. If Katrina creates a post that’s really important about new adult dance classes she’s offering, she could pay a flat rate to have Facebook promote the post. Facebook promoted posts cost a minimum of $5, depending on how many users you want your post to reach and how long you want Facebook to promote your post. When Facebook promotes Katrina’s post, they make sure that users following Katrina’s page will see her post no matter how many hours pass between Katrina creating the post and the user logging onto their Facebook. When the user logs on Katrina’s post will be the first that they see.

However, if Katrina is looking for a way to promote her page while targeting a specific audience, she should try Facebook’s market ads. Facebook’s market ads are in the side column of Facebook’s site and usually include a headline, photo, and act as a link to a company’s official website. Katrina can link her Facebook market ad back to her main website and drive more clicks on her website. Facebook ads vary in cost based on targeting options and the competition it will receive from other ads. Since Facebook collects users’ data, it can target Katrina’s ad based on age, location, and interests of Facebook users.

With all the tools that Facebook gives her, Katrina can be sure to spread the word about her new dance studio, making it easy for Katrina to spread her love and joy of dance.


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