When it comes to wellness, it’s hard to know how to start developing healthier habits. What should you be eating? What type of aerobic exercises should you be doing? How do you do a sit-up without straining your neck? Developing healthy habits means not only eating less, but making sure you are receiving the proper nutrients, and not only working out more, but working out properly. Wellness coaches, nutritionists, and gym memberships can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several free wellness apps that can guide you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


There are three main types of wellness apps necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The first app you should consider using to help you form healthier habits are aerobic apps like Strava. Strava is one of many fitness apps that are built to track different types of aerobic exercises including: running, cycling, snowboarding, surfing, swimming, and more. Strava uses GPS tracking to record how long it takes you to run, how far you’re running, how many calories you’re burning, and your average miles per hour. Strava also uses location tracking to give you suggestions for popular running spots near you. Fitness apps like Strava, also keeps a record of your workouts so you can keep track of your progress. Strava holds you accountable for how often you run by including a calendar that logs your running sessions. Strava is an app that you can download on iOS or Android for free. However, there is a premium version of the app that is $7.99 a month or $59.99 a year.


The second type of app that is important to your wellness are calorie counter apps. While apps like Strava track your aerobics, calorie counter apps, such as MyFitnessPal provide you with a dairy for all your fitness habits. Unlike Strava, MyFitnessPal requires manual entries for recording aerobic or strength exercises. However, MyFitnessPal allows you to set weight goals for yourself, calculating the number of calories you should intake every day. When you input your exercise into MyFitnessPal it adds the number of calories that you burned to your daily intake to make sure that you are eating a balance and healthy diet. MyFitnessPal then subtracts calories from your daily intake when you log in what you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in between. MyFitnessPal makes it easy to record your calories by providing a calorie look up search engine and a history of food you’ve logged into your food dairy. If you are eating any type of packaged food with a barcode, you can use MyFitnessPal’s scanner which automatically plugs in the nutrition facts of the packaged food. MyFitnessPal also allows you to create meals that you eat often so that they can easily be added to your food dairy. MyFitnessPal is also free on iOS and Android, but there is a Premium version of the app that is $9.99 a month, or $49.99 a year.


The third type of fitness app that is important for a healthy lifestyle is strength training apps. Strength training apps provide you with exercise routines to strengthen all parts of your body and offer full body workouts, core workouts, upper body workouts, leg workouts, and more. Most strength training apps also provide you with different levels of workout routines to make sure that you won’t harm yourself during your workout. The Sworkit app provides guidelines to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury. Sworkit not only provides workouts that strengthen different parts of your body, but Sworkit also allows you to pick the duration of your work out, which can be anything from a minute to an hour. This makes it easy to add Sworkit workouts into your busy schedule. The Sworkit app provides examples of real people demonstrating the workout alongside you as well as a coach that verbally walks you through the exercise. Sworkit even allows you create your own customizable workout routine by picking exercises from Swokit’s workout library. Sworkit also allows you to keep track of your fitness goals. The Sworkit app has a free trial on Android and iOS and is $59.99 a year or $9.99 a month. Much cheaper than a gym membership!


An important thing that all these apps have to offer is a community that is looking to have a healthier lifestyle just like you. All of the above apps have newsfeeds where you can post about your fitness goals. These apps also provide you with challenges that you can decide to take on like running three miles or hiking five miles in a month. Having a fitness community gives you the chance to meet likeminded people who are also struggling to change their unhealthy habits. You are not alone in your journey.