Christopher is an experienced roofer looking to expand his clientele. Christopher knows that he is good at what he does, but he needs help advertising his services so he can compete with the other roofers in the area. Christopher knows that the best way to do this is to build a website for his business. 

Christopher want to create a website for his business that will effectively communicate all of his services for his customers. Many of his customers are familiar with his work fixing gutters and roofing, however, Christopher also has experience with siding, windows, and insulation. These are services that his customers seem to know less about. The about page of Christopher’s website will list and explain all of the services that he provides. This gives potential clients clarification of what Christopher has to offer, making it more likely for potential clients to want to hire Christopher. In order to give his client’s all the information they need to hire him, he will list the different types of material his roofs are made of. With all this information on Christopher’s website, his customers will know exactly what they are getting by hiring him.

Christopher’s website also advertises his excellence as a roofer. On his homepage, Christopher lists client’s rave reviews as well as recommendations. This ensures potential customers that they can trust Christopher with their roofing needs. It gives potential customers a reason to trust Christopher. It is important to Christopher that his clients feel like they are putting their roof in safe hands. He also advertises that he has been in the roofing business for over fifteen years. Christopher is able to entice customers to hire his service through aerial footage that display the type of work that he has done in the past. He has proof that he has experience, which means he is trustworthy, reliable, and competent.

Having a website also allows Christopher to advertise his free consultation service. He wants his customers to be comfortable with his work and his pricing. Christopher also advertises promotional discounts on his websites, which entice clients to hire him because they know he will be able to give them an affordable price. Christopher also advertises his contact info, making it easy for potential customers to come to him with any questions they may have about his services. 

Now that Christopher has a credible website, he wants to make it as easy to access as possible. What Christopher needs is a mobile version of his website. More and more people look up information via their phones or tablets. With a mobile version of his website, Christopher will show up in potential clients results no matter what device they are searching from. Since Christopher website is easily searchable, it is easy for Christopher to expand his clientele.