Google is the most popular search engine on the web. Google is known for personalizing its search engine so its results are tailored to your needs. With advance algorithms, Google makes sure that its results are most relevant to the subject of your inquiry. However, the downside to Google is that you exchange your privacy for convenience. While Google is a powerful search engine, there are many search engines on the web that might be able to give you tools that you need and a little bit of privacy.

Bing and Yahoo! tend to compete for number two on the most used search engines list. Bing and Yahoo! both give their searches more privacy than Google. Bing has a rewards program so that every time you search on Bing you gain points. These points can be used in Microsoft and Windows stores. Another perk of using Bing or Yahoo! is that their video searches don’t have a YouTube bias like Google does. Yahoo!’s search engine also offers features that Google does not have. Yahoo! has many community-based tools such as Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! also provides its own news outlet and email services among other tools. Yahoo!’s images are teamed up with Flickr, which means their search engine produces better pictures. Both Bing and Yahoo! protect your info better than Google, but they still host ads on their search engines.

Since Google is known for tracking and spreading its users’ information, there are many search engines that were built with the intention of protecting their users’ information such as DuckDuckGo and Qwant. DuckDuckGo advertises itself as the search engine that will not track you. Not only will they not track and store your data, but they also block ads from their site. DuckDuckGo keeps your search history private so that you will have control over your personal data. Qwant also promises their users that they will keep their data private. Qwant categorizes its search result into categories such as web, news, and social. This makes it easier for users to find the information that they are looking for. Qwant also provides its users with trending topics and news stories among other search tools. Qwant has a popular music search tool that makes it easy for users to discover new music. Not only is Qwant’s search engine organized, but Qwant has an option to link your searches to a cause that Qwant will donate to in exchange for enabling advertisements on their search engine. With every search, users collect QOZ and on a monthly basis Qwant turns those QOZs into donations. Both Qwant and DuckDuckGO give their users the ability to search on other websites through their search engine. On DuckDuckGo all you have to do is add an exclamation point at the end of the website’s name and the results will only be generated from that site.

Other search engines that are popular include Swisscows and Ecosia. Ecosia search engine is special because the more their users search the more trees Ecosia’s plants, mainly in the Amazon region. Swisscows is a search engine primarily built for child protection against pornography and violence. Unlike other search engines, Swisscows search protection is impossible to override. They also feature suggestion tags next to search results so that you can further narrow down your topic.

If you are fed up with Google’s search engine you have many alternative options to try. It is important to know what you want from a search engine. There are many search engine out there and with the right research you can find a search engine that will fit your needs.