When Karen’s small online newspaper business took off her staff doubled in size. Karen wanted to give her staff the benefits they deserve. She knew her employees worked hard, but sometimes they worked too hard. Karen wanted to implement a wellness program in her workplace to make her employees think twice about their health. Karen hoped that this program would generate higher levels of production. She discovered that when her employees exhibited healthier habits, they had more energy to focus on writing great articles for her newspaper. Implementing a wellness program in the workplace helped reduce Karen’s healthcare costs because it lowered her employees’ likelihood of getting sick. This also means that her employees have been taking fewer sick days since the implementation of the wellness program.

Many companies that implement wellness programs have an onsite workout space. Onsite fitness makes it convenient for employees to incorporate fitness into their daily routine, but as a small company, Karen could not afford renovating an onsite gym. Many companies also offer gym membership for their employees, which was cheaper than Karen building her own gym, but still expensive. Instead, Karen thought more creatively about how she wanted to implement her wellness program. It was important to Karen that she created a community where her employees cans support each other on their journeys to healthier habits. Karen decided to reimburse her employees for fitness related purchases, such as entry fees for marathons or Zumba classes. She also encouraged her employees to use Fitbits, promising that the most active employee would win a prize at the end of the month. Karen made a fitness calendar that included company walks and hikes, as well as recipe exchanges for healthy meals.

Karen wanted her wellness program to be a team effort. She was determined to recruit as many employees as she could to help her build this program. It was important to Karen that word spread about her wellness program to get as many employees as possible to participate. In order to increase participation, Karen made sure that the incentives and activities built into the program are clear and uncomplicated. Karen lets her employees know that their health is important to her by closing the office at 6:00pm to prevent her employees from working too late. Karen has also set a required amount of vacation days that her employees must take.

Karen knows that the results of her fitness program will take time. However, Karen wanted to make sure that her program is effective. She collects anonymous feedback from her wellness program so that her program can best suit her employees. She also asked her employees if she could collect data to see how their health is progressing. Karen was excited to implement this program into her company so her and her employees can adapt healthier lifestyle choices.