Sarah is an animator who wanted to find the best solution for backing up her work on the cloud. With so many services that manage data, it was hard for Sarah to choose, which would best suit her business needs. Sarah wanted a cloud storage service that is affordable, accessible, and backs up her data regularly.

Sarah knows that Google Drive is a popular free storage service.  Google Drive lets you access your files on your desktop, phone, or web. Each new user gets 15 GB of free storage. Sarah likes the availability of free data from Google Drive. She also likes that Google Drive makes sharing files easy as well as collaborative. Sarah can edit and interact with her animation team online. Google Drive also gets along with many different types of files and programs. However, Google Drive doesn’t offer Sarah the privacy that she needs for her projects. Google Drive also struggles to maintain some files’ proper format, which does not appeal to Sarah.

Sarah discovered that the biggest perk of Microsoft OneDrive is its compatibility with Windows 10 and Office 365. Without Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive only offers you 5GB of data. However, Office 365 users are offered 1TB of storage. With Microsoft OneDrive Sarah can view, store, and back up files. Sarah likes that her files are organized and easy to find. Microsoft OneDrive supplies Sarah with a recycling bin so she can restore files if necessary. However, Sarah found that the software crashes easily and doesn’t have a speedy copying time.

The first cloud storage service that Sarah looks into is PCloud. PCloud is known for its file protection. With PCloud, Sarah would have 500 GB of storage, 500 GB of downloadable links, and 30 days of trash history for a flat fee of $175 and for a flat fee of $350, Sarah would get 2TB of storage. However, Sarah isn’t looking to spend that type of money. The free version of PCloud gives Sarah 10GB of storage space. PCloud also allows Sarah to share larger files by compressing them into ZIP files. PCloud makes it easy to back up files on your social media accounts and stream media files. What Sarah likes most about PCloud is that it can restore previous versions of files. PCloud doesn't offer online editing, however, Sarah values the protection that PCloud provides for her files and she is satisfied with its services. Which Cloud storage service best suits you?