Opening up your own Airbnb can be both exciting and frustrating. It’s exciting to make your first leap into entrepreneurship by becoming an Airbnb landlord. Vacation rental properties can earn a real estate investor thousands each year, so turning your lake house or beach house into an Airbnb is a great way to make money without the commitment of signing with a property management company. The Airbnb platform is fairly simple to understand and operate.

The frustrating part is when your vacation home is in a location already heavily populated with competing Airbnb. How do you stand out from the rest?

Hiring a Drone Operator

An excellent way to stand out from the other Airbnbs in your area is to hire a drone operator to photograph and video your property inside and out. This will make your Airbnb listing pop when prospective customers scan the Airbnb site for potential rental properties.

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Virtual touring through drone video

Prospective renters can take a tour of the house via drone video, showcasing the rooms, hallways, fixtures, etc. This is ideal for Airbnb rentals because the customer gets a bird’s eye view of the property and grounds before renting. This helps you, the seller, and the customer find the right Airbnb fit.

Benefits of Drone Photography and Video

Sharper images, transferable images, and easily manipulatable images are just a few reasons why aerial drone photography and video are useful for Airbnb owners. The imaging is high quality HD. It’s the safest way to document by video all aspects of the Airbnb property. The best thing about using aerial drone video for an Airbnb is to show prospective customers the beauty of the beach strand right outside your beach house or the gorgeous lake near your lake house.

Nightlife and Golf Courses

People love social events and nightlife when they’re on vacation. That’s why it’s a good idea to showcase nearby nightlife, restaurants, and golf courses with aerial drone photography and video. With aerial drone footage, you can emphasize how close the Airbnb property is to nearby restaurants, bars, and music venues. This appeals to a large segment of buyers. 


For example, think about the appeal of a nearby golf course for retirees and other golfing aficionados looking for beachfront or lakeside rentals. Many lakeside and beach waterfront properties are located near or in golfing communities. Drone technology is the perfect way of emphasizing that feature of your Airbnb property

Boating and Waterfront Activities

With aerial drone photography, you can emphasize the beautiful beach strand or in the case of lakeside homes, the dock and swimming areas and surrounding foliage. 


With the drone, you’ll want to show the boating access and amenities that come with the Airbnb rental. Does the home include a boat house, dock, pier, or a community-shared boat house? Does the Airbnb home include a parking spot for a boat? Parking for boat trailers is something that avid boaters keep in mind when searching for a waterfront Airbnb.

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To learn more about how aerial drone video and photography can help you land more Airbnb customers, ask a drone broker.


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