Marian recently opened his own digital design company. As Marian’s business grew, the more important it was that Marian stayed organized and on top of his projects. Sometimes the amount of work Marian had to complete in a day would overwhelm him. Marian realized that he had an organization problem so he took a step back to see how he could work more efficiently.

Marian had to find an organizational system that worked for him. Marian knows what he would like his end project to look like so he decided to break down his projects by working backwards to figure out what tasks he would have to complete to reach his goal. He breaks down his projects into small, manageable monthly tasks, which he creates weekly check points to make sure that his projects stay on task. Marian makes lists of all of the tasks he needs to accomplish for the week and prioritizes them. This ensures that Marian is giving the proper attention to all of his projects.

When Marian made his schedule, he not only accounted for the tasks he needed to complete for his projects, but he also outlined lunch breaks and client meetings. Marian delegated tasks to his employees, making sure each task was suited to their strengths. Marian also cuts up his day so that in the morning he has time to focus on project tasks and in the afternoon he can focus on meetings with clients or employees. When Marian works from home, he stays in his officer to shut out all distractions. Checking emails in the morning instead of throughout the day also helps Marian stay focused. Marian noticed that he is most productive in the morning, so he adjusted his schedule accordingly by putting the tasks that take the most mental preparation and focus in the morning and more mindless activities and meetings for later in the day.

The most important thing Marian did to be more organized was track his time. Marian tracks his time both at work and at home. He tracks how long it takes him to complete tasks from work and how long he spends watching TV. One reason Marian decided to track his time is so that he knows how long he is spending on a task. This gives him a better idea on what projects he might need to spend more time on. It also tells Marian where he might be wasting his time either by taking too long to check emails or wasting time by chatting with employees. The more Marian understands about how he spends his time, the better he will be able to use his time.

Organization and time management skills have helped Marian complete projects more effectively, which has allowed him to take on more clients and further grow his business.