You are looking to join a gym because you want a space where you can work on your fitness goals. Gym memberships used to cost about $40 a month, but since the growth of chain gyms, obtaining a gym membership has become a less costly commitment. However, every gym offers something a little different and it is important that you find a gym that works best for you.

If you are willing to pay more for a facility that has the most variety of equipment and services, then Life Time Fitness is the right gym for you. Life Time Fitness is $109 a month, or if you aren’t looking to commit to a monthly payment, $40 for a day pass. It has 141 locations in 28 states to choose from. Though Life Time Fitness is expensive, it offers the widest range of equipment including Olympic lifting platforms, kettlebells up to 50 lbs, bumper plates, and TRX suspension trainers. Life Time Fitness is more than just your typical gym membership, they also offer swimming lessons, day care, and spa care. There are also three package deals that Life Time fitness offers including; their strength builder and weight loss package which are $128 a month and the family package which is $158 a month. The family package includes a personal trainer per adult and free seasonal camp for children. The strength builder package offers personal training that focuses on building your muscles, while the weight loss packages offers consultations with a nutrition specialist. Life Time Fitness is a gym that offers every service you could possibly need to reach your fitness goals.

However, if you are thrifty and looking for something more affordable, then Planet Fitness or Crunch might be the ideal gym for you. Planet Fitness and Crunch both have judgement free policies, which planet fitness calls “the judgement free zone.” While Crunch and Planet Fitness don’t have all of the bells and whistles that Life Time Fitness has, they are much cheaper and encourage their members to take their fitness at their own pace. However, a downside to this is that planet fitness does not encourage heavy lifting and has fewer weightlifting options than most gyms. Planet fitness also emphasizes cleanliness in their motto. They prioritize maintaining a clean workout space, locker rooms, and shower areas. Planet Fitness knows that people struggle to fit fitness into their regular schedule, which is why their gym is available twenty-four hours during the weekdays. The basic membership comes with free fitness training and free Wifi for $10 a month, plus an annual fee of $39 a year. However, with the planet fitness black card you also get to bring a guest for free, 50% off drinks, use of Planets Fitness spa, and access to all 1,800 of Planet Fitness’s locations for $19.99 a month

On the other hand, Crunch’s most basic plan is $15.95 a month. Their basic plan is similar to Planet Fitness’s offering free Wifi and clean locker rooms and showers. However, Crunch also offers a free nutritional guide and a free intro to a training class. If you upgrade to Crunch’s peak package you also will have access to Crunch’s fitness classes, free guest pass, free Crunch online workouts, and Crunch’s tanning and hydromassage. Crunch’s peak results package, for $34.95, also includes free towel service and advanced HIIT classes. HIIT classes focus on four workouts that are done in 45 minutes. With the peak and peak result packages you can access 297 Crush clubs.

When it comes to finding the right gym, you have to consider what is convenient for you, but also keep in mind if the gym provides you the services that you need. You want to go to a gym that makes you feel good and makes working out fun.