With the New Year approaching, Adam is looking to develop healthier habits. He wants to lose weight and he knows that means a complete lifestyle overhaul. One of the biggest goals that Adam set for himself in the New Year is to eat a big healthy breakfast.

Adam tends to feel sluggish in the morning and he knows that eating a bigger breakfast will curb this. Skipping meals in the morning throws your body off its rhythm.  When you wake up you need to replenish the blood sugar you need for your muscles and brain to work. Breakfast gets its name because you are literally breaking your biggest fast of the day. Adam goes to bed around nine each night and wakes up around seven every morning, which means Adam goes for about ten hours without eating. It is important that Adam breaks this fast so his body can kickstart his metabolism.

Breakfast also provides the best platform to get your daily nutrients. Most breakfasts include whole grain and fruit. Most breakfast foods have vitamins, grains, fruit, and calcium. It is important that your breakfast includes carbs to jump start your metabolism and will give you immediate energy. Protein will give you energy for later, so you won’t feel the need to pick on unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Fiber is also an important ingredient for a healthy breakfast because it will give you a feeling of fullness that will last you throughout the rest of the day.

Adam is hopeful that eating breakfast will cause him to lose weight. Most studies that have analyzed the relationship between eating breakfast and weight loss have found correlation but not causation. Eating breakfasts will put Adam in a good mindset for making healthier choices throughout his day. Studies also show a correlation that people who eat breakfast have an easier time focusing and have a better memory. Adam is excited to discover the many positive results that will come with eating a healthy breakfast.