When it comes to finding the right gym, you have to consider what is convenient for you, but also provides you the services that you need.

Tammy runs a small marketing firm. Tammy’s company started as her and a couple of close friends, but Tammy’s company is continuously growing, expanding the number of people that Tammy employs. When her company first started to expand, Tammy wanted her employees to know her appreciation. She wanted to make sure that her talented employees had good incentives to stay with her company, especially after she lost one of her copyrighters to a bigger ad agency. Even though business was good Tammy didn’t have the type of money bigger companies have to build a pool or gym in the office. Tammy had to think of creative ways to give her employees the benefits and perks that they deserved without breaking her budget.

The easiest solution that Tammy found was food. Everyone loves free food. It’s a universal truth. Tammy planned Take Out Tuesdays, where every Tuesday she organized a group order from different take out places in the area. Occasionally, on Fridays Tammy brought a variety of alcohol into the office and offered her employees mixed drinks and wine. This is cheaper than taking her staff out for drinks. Tammy also invited her employees to bring in their best pies for Pi Day. She even turned it into a competition for who could make the best pie. Tammy also stuffed the fridge with healthy snacks and beverages so her employees can snack while they work and making sure that hunger doesn’t distract them from focusing on the task at hand.

Next, Tammy focused on spiffing up the office. She created a lounge space with comfortable couches and some board games to encourage her employees to take breaks and socialize with each other. Tammy added plants around the office to brighten up the space and air purifiers so that the office didn’t feel stuffy. It was important to Tammy that her employees enjoy the office that they work in. She also added adjustable desks, so her employees aren’t sitting or standing too long throughout the day.

Tammy knew that fitness benefits was something that a lot of her employees valued. While Tammy can’t afford to build a gym in her office like some of her competitors, Tammy made deals with nearby gyms to get her employees discounted memberships. She also organized recreational activities like company volleyball games. Tammy partnered with a clinic to give her employees onsite screenings and flue shots.  She decided to keep Kleenex and sanitizer around her office to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

One of the biggest perks that Tammy gave to her employees is a flexible schedule. Tammy gave her employees unlimited PTO days, trusting that they will use good judgement for how often they have to work to complete their projects. Tammy also encouraged her employees to take off for their birthday. Well-rested employees have more energy to channel into their work. Tammy also set a summer schedule so that her employees have half days on Friday and can enjoy the long summer days. 

Lastly, Tammy made time in her company schedule for team bonding. She created brainstorming exercises for her team that challenged them to think outside of the box. It is important to Tammy that her employees know that she values their input and hardwork so she sent her employees emails to congratulate them on milestones reached for projects. Tammy also often gifted perks she received from the company credit card to reward employees for their hard work. 

Tammy is glad that she found an inexpensive way to make her employees feel welcome and satisfy their needs. She always thinking up new ways to give her employees the benefits that they deserve.