Jordan wants to incorporate exercise into his daily routine since he has difficulty finding time to go to the gym. Luckily there are some easy things that Jordan can do to get his heart rate up.  Jordan spends most of his time in his cubicle, sitting down, and staring at his computer screen. However, if Jordan took his everyday movements and performed them more vigorously, he could really get a workout. We’re going to give Jordan some helpful tips that will get him moving.

There are several ways that Jordan can get exercise in the workplace. He could walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or better yet he could run up the stairs. If he’s really feeling up for the challenge, he can skip every other step. Not only will this get his heart rate up, but it will also strengthen his leg muscles. The most important thing Jordan can do to get more exercise into his daily routine is find excuses to walk. He can do this by parking in the back of the parking lot or by taking the longer route from his cubicle to get to the breakroom. For lunch he can walk to a nearby restaurant to get some food instead of ordering take out and sitting at his desk. He can also walk over to a co-worker to tell them something instead of just sending them an email.

A simple way Jordan could tighten his core is by making sure he has good posture. Good posture comes from tightening your core, by sitting upright Jordan is strengthening his abdomen. If Jordan wanted to make this exercise more difficult, he could tighten his abs, release them, and then pull them back in all while sitting at his desk. He could use a headset to take phone calls and stretch while he’s on the phone. Whenever Jordan finds himself sitting at his desk for thirty minutes or more, he should make it a point to stand up and walk around the office. 

When he can, Jordan could make it a point to go to the gym on his way home from work, so it becomes a part of his regular routine. However, if Jordan can’t fit the gym into his schedule there are other exercises he can do at home. For instance, whenever Jordan is watching Hulu, during commercial breaks, he can get some crunches in or a set of pushups. He can do wall push ups while he’s waiting for the tea kettle to boil. He can also go up and down the stairs in his house as frequently as possible.

Jordan can leave a set of dumbbells near his microwave to do some exercises while he is waiting for his food to heat up. Since Jordan likes to listen to music while he cooks, he can dance in the kitchen while he makes his dinner.  It’s also good for Jordan to pick up as many items around the house that he can to get some strength exercises in, picking up children is especially good for strength exercises. Jordan could also add an extra squat when he picks up his children to strengthen his legs.

On the weekend Jordan could participate in a recreational sports team. Sports is a great way to be social and have fun while you get some exercise in. When Jordan goes out with his wife, instead of seeing a movie for a date night, they could go dancing instead. Jordan and his family can also go on vacations where they enjoy hiking, biking, and other active activities, instead of just lying on the beach. 

Applying just a few of these activities into Jordan’s daily life will positively impact Jordan’s health. These activities can easily fit into Jordan’s daily routine without having to rearrange too much of his schedule.