Raymond is determined to be more conscious of how he spends his time in the New Year. He wants to make sure that he uses his time efficiently so he can work towards completing his goals. For Raymond, it isn’t about working harder but working smarter. He wants to maximize every minute of his day so that he can remain focused and energized throughout the day.

First, Raymond is going to analyze his day and measure when he gets the most distracted. He’s going to track every time he finds himself wandering on Twitter or Instagram. He’s going to track every time he finds himself on his phone playing Tetris. He’s going track every time he finds himself spending hours on washing his hair. Raymond will identify what his biggest time wasters are and make himself aware of them so he can catch himself in the act of getting off task. He’ll keep his phone in another room when he’s working on big projects and time his tasks to make sure he stays focused. Timing tasks like talking on the phone will also prevent him from spending three hours talking to his mom about why he never became a lawyer.

 Raymond also plans to prioritize his task so that he spends the most time on the tasks that matter the most to him. Decluttering is a priority for Raymond to create more time throughout his days. Though decluttering takes time, it will help Raymond in the long run because he won’t waste time digging through clutter to look for things that he needs. Instead, all his belongings will have a place where he will always keep them, making them easy for him to find. He’ll never have to waste time looking for his glasses or his keys again.

Raymond’s goal is to spend most of his day working on important projects. He wants to cut back on the amount of time it takes him to complete everyday tasks like cooking, getting ready in the morning, cleaning, and doing laundry. The best way to spend time on these mundane tasks is by prepping. Raymond plans on cooking in bulk on the weekends so during the weekdays he only needs to heat up his meals. He’ll plan out different meals to cook on the weekends before he goes food shopping to prevent wasting time in the grocery store figuring out what he needs. He’ll also buy items that he uses regularly in bulk like toothpaste, paper towels, and soap. The less trips he has to make to the store the better. Whenever Raymond has leftovers, he will freeze them to eat another day when he may not have time to cook. 

Raymond will alsosave time by prepping his work clothes and lunch the night before. This once again will cut out time spent making decisions in the morning when his brain isn’t completely awake yet. He’ll pack his work bag at night so in the morning he doesn’t have to worry about what he might be forgetting. To make laundry easier, Raymond will keep separate laundry bags for his clothes, one bad for colors and one for whites. This will eliminate the time Raymond would have to spend separating his clothes when he does his laundry. Instead, Raymond will put his laundry directly in the wash.

The most important thing that Raymond will do to save time is making a schedule for himself and following a routine. Assigning weekly tasks to specific days of the week will prevent Raymond from wasting time thinking about what he needs to get done every day. Since he will be repetitively doing the same tasks every week on the same days, eventually they will become habit and Raymond won’t think twice about when he needs to get these chores done. 

Raymond will also make a plan to complete his goals, so he doesn’t waste time wondering what he needs to next to reach them. He bought a portable calendar and notepad to make sure he doesn’t forget anything. Having a portable calendar will help Raymond keep all of his meetings and doctor appointments all in one place. Every day he plans to create a To Do List to keep him on task and give him the satisfaction of crossing out completed tasks.

Everything Raymond plans on doing to save time will add up and not only will he be able to reach his goals and complete projects on time, but he might also find that he has more down time.