Marshal and Janet promised each other that they would be getting in shape this year. While Christmas is over, Marshal and Janet realized that they don’t own any exercise clothes. Marshal thought he could get away with just wearing regular sweatpants and a tee-shirt to work out, but his sweat weighed the clothing down making it harder for Marshal to continue his work out. Janet suggested that her and Marshal look online for exercise clothes that will help them get in shape and look stylish as many athletic brands are leaning towards athleisure wear.

The top brands that Marshal liked for athleisure wear were Rhone and EYSOM. Rhone is a brand of men’s athleisure wear that focuses on fabrics. They import their fabrics all over the world to make sure that their clothes give you the fit that you need for a good workout. Some of their clothes use antimicrobial and antibacterial material that keep Marshal’s clothes from smelling. Rhone clothes are stylish, so you can wear them on the go from brunch to an afternoon jog. Their exercise pants range from $98- $138. Marshal was attracted to this brand because he values quality over quantity and he wants workout pants that will last.

The second brand that Marshal looked at was EYSOM which stands for Exercise Your State of Mind. EYSOM is an LA label that focuses on the way clothes should fit. They want their clothing to be durable and comfortable. They sell basics that take Marshal from running errands to running at the gym. EYSOM pants range from $125- $220. Even though EYSOM pants are expensive, they are high quality, and made with sustainable materials. EYSOM is hoping that their pants will become 100% sustainable in 2020. They are currently using Tencel which is made using recycled, earth friendly solvents and organic cotton to make their clothing. Their clothes are functional and fashionable and Marshal got free shipping for spending over $200 on their site.

A brand that peaked both Marshal’s and Janet’s interest is Outdoor Voices. Outdoor Voices also cares about the environment and tries their hardest to minimize their environmental impact. Outdoor Voices uses ultra-soft fabric that give Marshal and Janet support without being too restricting. Outdoor Voices produces their clothing in America, so Marshal and Janet are removed from the guilt of buying clothes that are outsourced to countries with loose child labor laws. Both Janet and Marshal like that Outdoor Voices offers a variety of stylish choices for clothing. Their exercise pants range from $35, when on sale, to $95. Outdoor Voices prides itself on making clothing that fit real women and want to inspire the fun in fitness.

Two other brands that Janet was impressed with were Free People and LuluLemon. Free People is a clothing company that uses recycled materials for their clothes. They get some of their materials from landfills and try to use reusable fabrics such as Econyl which is made of recycled Nylon. Free People is also known for supporting causes related to feminism, protecting mother nature, and animal protection. Not only was Janet able to buy these clothes guilt free, but she also found some vibrant styles that she really loves. She found that Free People’s clothes were as fashionable as they were functional. Their leggings ranged from $78 to $132 and she got free shipping because she spent over $100.

LuluLemon offered Janet a variety of pants including running, cycling, and yoga. LuluLemon started in Vancouver, Canada in 1998. It started as a design studio by day, but a yoga studio by night. Today LuluLemon stores offer yoga once a week. While LuluLemon started selling clothes for yoga they took feedback from athletes and expanded their clothes to most athletic wear.

If you are like Marshal and Janet and are looking for a new way to start 2020, buy some athletic wear that will inspire you to run a little fast and eat a little healthier. If you are looking for a positive way to start the New Year try buying clothes that are environmentally friendly and fashion forward.