Video production is becoming an imperative for advertising your product. Videos are viewed more than any other content. Without video marketing your product runs the risk of being outshine by other companies. Below are eight reasons why you should invest in video marketing

1. Help You Stand Out

Having a noteworthy presence in a noisy online world is difficult but having videos that represent your company helps you stand out among your other competitors. People tend to click on videos before they click on blog posts. A majority of online users are starting to browse their mobile apps more than they do their desktops. Videos are appealing to mobiles users and they tend to watch more videos than desktop users. Another way to appeal to online users is through social media apps such as Facebook, Snap Chat, and Instagram. You can advertise your company through Facebook Live videos or Snap Chat or Instagram stories. The Snap Story feature has some of the most engaged users and reaches about 150 million daily users. Using videos and social media will help your company stand out among younger audiences.

2. Optimize your Search Engine results

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an effort to make sure your company comes first in search engine results. While, the largest search engine in the world is Google, the second largest search engine is YouTube. Creating “how to” videos that explain your product or service and uploading them to YouTube will give your company more visibility, not only because you’ll be a part of the world’s second largest search engine, but because “how to” is one of the most popular YouTube searches which greatly improves your chances of someone viewing your video. Videos can also help your SEO email campaign. Embedding videos in your email, gives your customers the opportunity to engage with the video and the email. Data shows that emails with embedded videos improve click-rates by 96%.

3. Explain your Service or Product

Once you get an audience to notice your company, you don’t want them to stumble onto your website and be confused about what your product can do for them. Video marketing will help explain your product to your potential clients. It is important that explainer videos highlight what your product can do for your potential customer, what problems does your product solve, and how will it improve your customers life. It’s important that you have a good script that is succinct and doesn’t use a lot of business jargon but explains your product in conversational terms. Keep your video under 60 seconds and in those 60 seconds use visuals to demonstrate how to use your product. Visual explanations are the easiest way for someone to understand how your product works.

4. Tell Your Story

Costumers want to buy products from people they trust. One way to gain people’s trust is by telling them about you. How did your company get to the place it is at today? What is your company’s mission? What’s your goal? The more your costumers know about you, the more potential customers can connect with you, and the more likely they are to buy your product. When you are selling items online you lose that in person salesmanship that you would normally offer people face-to-face, videos help fill that void of a face-to-face relationship with your customers. However, it isn’t just your story that your customers want to know about, they want to know about your employees too. When creating a video about the history of your company it is good to interview some of your employees so your clients can see that there are other people that trust you and share the same passion that you do about your product. Your story is a good way to develop your brand identity.

5. Keep Costs Low

Video production can become expensive fast, but it doesn’t have to be. You can create a DYI video with just your cellphone and a cheap editing program. The content of the video is more important than special video effects, fancy lighting, or how professional the video looks. In fact, marketing your videos on Facebook Live, Instagram, or Snap Chat would look out of place if they were over produced. You want your videos to fit the platform you’re making them for. Create a professional Snap Chat to share videos of a day in a life at your company and connect with some of your more dedicated customers.

6. Connect with Your Customers

You want your customers to know that you care. The best way to do this is to keep connected with them. Post videos on information relevant to your product on social media accounts such as Snap Chat, Instagram, and Facebook. Make sure your website has links to your social media accounts. Again, you want your videos to match the platform of these accounts, so it is important to make separate videos for each platform. However, you can provide links to other social media accounts on your Snap Chat, Instagram, and Facebook. With Facebook Live you can provide Q&As for your Facebook followers about your product. This gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers on an individual and personal level. You can also you use Facebook Live to create a sense of urgency around an event promoting your product.

7. Share to be Shared

What’s great about social media is that your customers can help advertise for you. Create informational videos about your product that your customer’s will want to share with their followers. This will help get the word out about your product. By sharing videos that contain valuable information with your potential clients, your clients will be more likely to share the video with their friends by sending, sharing, or re-posting the video on their social media. The information doesn’t have to be directly about your product but should relate to your product in some way. All of your videos should either consist of informational value or entertainment value if you want them to be shared by other users. 

8. Make Customer Testimonial Videos

Take time to interview loyal customers that value your product to put in a promotional video. If potential customers can see themselves in your previous clients, they will be more likely to buy your product. No one can sell your product better than previous, satisfied clients. If your potential customers trust that your previous customers are satisfied with your product than they are inclined to trust that you can reproduce the same results for them.

Invest in video marketing and have your voice be heard. Invest in video marketing and connect with your customers. Invest in video marketing and see the difference it makes in your sales.