Every small business needs a good marketing strategy. You want a marketing strategy that is about the long term. Your marketing strategy should connect you to your consumers, provide user generated content, target your audience, and help your company pop up in search results. Digital Content can help your company’s online presence and build your client base. Below are some tips that can help you with your digital content marketing strategy.


1. Target Audience

Digital content is useful, relevant information available for readers on your site. Types of digital content range from Infographics, memes, videos, product reviews, user generated content, how to guides, lists, live videos, live chats, and more. No matter what form your digital content may take, it is important that you are developing your content with the correct audience in mind. Know your goal and know your audience. Is your goal to have more millennials viewing your product? Then make sure that you are producing content in a format that millennials are likely to view. Do research on your targeted audience and create a persona to attract that demographic. Quality of your digital content is key when it comes to targeting consumers, however, it is equally as important to know where to post your content and how often you should post it. Make sure your content matches the platform you are writing it for and that you are using keywords that your target audience is likely to use in a search.


2. Connection with Consumer

One of the most important parts of any marketing strategy is the ability for your company to connect to its customers. People are more likely to purchase goods or services from a company that understands their wants and needs. You want to appeal to your customer by creating content that is either entertaining or informational. Digital content should entertain consumers through emotional appeal, inform consumers about your product or a subject that concerns your product, or persuade consumers m make a decision about a product or service. Your content shouldn’t necessarily be about your product, but it should be relevant to it. For instance, if Sarah is selling her own brand of yoga leggings, instead of providing digital content about why consumers should buy her leggings, she might provide her consumers with content about different types of yoga poses.

Don’t sell too hard, your customers don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. The best way to accomplish this is by creating digital content that gives your customers valuable information. Create an online presence where your company is an expert about all topics relating to your product. This will help you build trust with your customers because you will be creating a narrative for your company as an authoritative figure in your industry. To build your company’s credibility in your industry you can post articles from or interview experts in your field. Credit trustworthy sources in your content to give your customers quality content that they are looking for. Share your expertise with people who are new to your field and avoid technical jargon so that your audience has a clear understanding of what your product and your industry is all about.


3. UGC (User Generated Content)

Give your customers a call to action by providing user generated content. User generator content is content created by your users for your users. You can implement user generated content in your digital marketing by allowing your customers to post in forums on your websites or social media pages and leave reviews or asks questions about your services or product. Customer reviews not only gives your customers a call to action, getting them involved in your company, but it also builds trust for future potential customers. It provides potential clients with research for how other people have felt about your product. Customers tend to find user generated content the most trustworthy because it is coming from their own perspective, so it doesn’t feel like they’re being sold to. You want your content to be authentic so it’s important that you keep both positive and negative reviews on your website. For higher interactions with your customers create a Q&A page. Providing your customers with information about your product makes it easier for customers to make an informed decision whether to purchase your product. It also will clarify any confusion about your product and show that you take an interest in your customers questions and concerns. Customer Testimonials are also a helpful tool for building trust with consumers. Similar to posting reviews, customer testimonials prove the legitimacy of your company as well as provide your audience with assurance that your product will be satisfactory to their needs.


4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Once you have content that will appeal to your audience, it is important that your audience can easily find this content. The best way to do this is to make sure your content contains searchable key words. Use evergreen content, or in other words, content that will remain relevant to your target audience over time. Most people search for long phrases, so you want to make sure you’re using longtail keywords in your digital content. Longtail keywords are specific key words that you can use so your website will be higher up in search results. Customers who are committed to purchasing a product know exactly what they are looking for. For instance, Steven doesn’t just want any type of frying pan, but an uncoated cast-Iron skillet. While, search results for frying pan may receive more web traffic, search results for uncoated cast-iron will receive web traffic from customers more committed to making a purchase.


5. Low Budget

Lastly, not only is digital content effective at marketing your product and your brand, but it is also cheap. Digital content enables you to market to a niche market without it being overly expensive. Creating content with longtail keywords means your product is competing in a less competitive market, giving you more bang for your buck. User generated content allows your customers to market your brand for you, for free.

Digital content is imperative to shaping the voice of your brand. Get your name out there and be heard. Find your digital marketing strategy and increase your consumer base. In order to gain progress with your company try a digital content marketing based strategy.