It’s important to stay updated. You want your small business to run the most efficiently, while also being able to connect with your customers. Having a mobile app will help you streamline daily workday activities and connect with your audience. However, having a mobile app is even more effective when it is custom-built for your needs.

1. Target your customers

The average American spends about three hours per day on their phone. You want your brand to be where your potential customers are already looking. Releasing an app to your customers will help your customers interact with your brand. It will allow your company to incorporate your brand and your story into the app. This makes it easier for you to stand out among your competitors and broaden your customer reach. Your clients are constantly on the go and you want to be able to market them no matter where they are. Customized apps allow you to be personal with your customers. You could connect with your most loyal customers by sending them personalized updates. You want your clients to know you and you want them to feel special, which can only be done by incorporating your brand into a custom build app.

2. Improve employee productivity

To streamline daily tasks in your company, a mobile app can check project progress and deadlines. With an online app, you give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. Building a custom mobile app will make you rethink your business process and give you the opportunity to incorporate the app in your daily workday to help you operate your company more efficiently.

3. Cost Effective

The efficiency of a custom mobile app will save you money in the long run. Custom mobile apps are easier to maintain than a generic app. Any change that you want to make with a custom mobile app will be less expensive and less time consuming than making those changes with a generic app. Custom applications often charge according to the number of features that you require, number of users, and data storage. This way you only pay for what you need.

4. Collect Data

With a custom app you can add formulas and surveys to get customers’ information.  This will help you learn more about your customers' habits which will be important for future marketing campaigns. A great way to get information from your customers is to customize your app to give your customers the opportunity to give feedback about your services or product. With a custom app, you have the option to store important files. Once you store important data on your custom mobile app, you’ll be able to analyze and rearrange that data. Saving you time from manually inputting data into an excel spreadsheet.

5. Easily maintain and update

When it comes to building your own app, you get to be in control. You can decide when to perform maintenance and other upgrades. Your customer’s satisfaction will be completely in your hands. You don’t want to leave your customers waiting for new updates or offers. You don’t want to have to depend on an outside source for a service that you are using or providing to your customers. What if that outside source discontinues their mobile app? All of your data could be lost without warning.


Custom-made apps give you the opportunity to automatically integrate itself with the existing software that you use. Generic apps might not be able to communicate with all the current software that you use like a custom app would be able to because a custom app would be made with the integration of the other software your company uses in mind. Since your custom- made app will be integrated with your other software, employees will be able to work on projects with their mobile devices, meaning they’ll be able to accomplish work while they’re on the go.


Speaking of being in control, custom-built apps give you complete control over the security of your app. You want to be able to assure your customers that their information is safe, and you can do so more confidently when you have complete control over the security regulations of their information. Risks in security can lead to loss of information and terrible PR.

Tailor-made for YOU

One size never fits all. Your company shouldn’t be expected to fit the mold of what a pre-existing app has to offer. You need an app that fits your company like a glove and accurately represents your brand. Custom apps are built with diverse functions to cover all your business needs, so you don’t have to waste time switching apps for different tasks. You will also avoid the opposite problem of an app having too many tools that it becomes too complicated to use. You can control the scale of your own app and as your company grows you can add more tools to accommodate your new needs. A custom-built app should only cover the tools you need, nothing less and nothing more. No one knows your company better than you and there is no one better for the job of making an app that is conducive to your work style.

If you want to get your brand on consumers mobile devise your way. If you want to streamline your daily business tasks the best way that fits your company. Then you need to look for app developers that can help build an app that’s perfect for you.

Are you ready stand out with a rockstar mobile app?