Human connections are the heart of a good business strategy. When you’re dealing with people, your company needs to show how you solve problems while providing outstanding customer service. Revenue goes hand-in-hand with a positive customer service experience and a sound business model. Without these factors, your business will suffer. 

That’s why storytelling is so important for building relationships with customers. There’s nothing like a well told story to bring people together and keep them engaged. No matter where you are in your business journey, a good story for your brand is the first big step to getting anywhere. An engaging brand story can give voice to any small business. It’s important that you as a business owner take the time to develop your storytelling technique.

Capture Their Attention

Storytelling is about capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to return for more. Whether it’s a Facebook ad, infographic, or web content, it’s imperative that your company’s story captures their interest.

We all have experienced advertising and social media overload, so vying for a customer’s attention is even more difficult today in an age of quick views and immediate satisfaction. Marketers compete for prospects’ attention with fierce competition. Your brand can get buried beneath the spam and prolific ads filling up their monitor screens, tablets, and phones.

That’s why storytelling is the best way to make your company stand out from the rest. Prioritizing storytelling as a marketing technique will reap positive results.


At DroneBroker, we view storytelling with one concept in mind: Affinity. If you achieve affinity in your message with your customers, then you’ve already set the stage for a positive working relationship with your customer.


Storytelling shows your customer:

?     Why and how your company came to be

?     Your company’s motivation and mission. What vision drives your company?

?     It’s a conversation, not a diatribe. The story answers “What can your company do for me? How can your company solve my problems?”

?     A story can be a look behind the scenes at the people who work for your company. Transparency is a great way to engage customers.

?     Your company’s charity work and fundraising efforts for notable causes in the community

?     A look at who you are as a company and what motivates your team

?     The story of how your product or service came to be

When storytelling, don’t do these things:

?     Don’t be boring and verbose. In other words, don’t let the heavy text hide your personality.

?     Don’t focus solely on being “viral.” In other words, don’t manipulate the authenticity of the message in an attempt to be viral. 

Remember, storytelling should be about your customers and the value you deliver to them. How does your product and service benefit your customer? Powerful stories prioritize the customers. Your company is like the supporting actor and your customer is the superstar.

Don’t allow the human interest element behind your brand to fall through the cracks because you’re trying to craft the perfect “marketing” message. Just be yourself in blog articles and social media posts. Authenticity goes a long way when bonding with customers. Start with a post or blog article about how your journey or how your product went from concept to reality. Share your struggles along the way. That’s something that everyone can relate to, and that will build affinity with your customers.


At DroneBroker, we enjoy sharing our personal stories as well as business stories. Remember, when telling your company’s story, include this information:

?     Your beginnings-- How your company came into being

?     Your future

?     How your product solves the customer’s problems

Helping you tell your story

We believe that our drones can help you tell the story of your product or service. Using aerial drone photography can provide the “illustrations” that go along with your business’ story. Drones can provide a bird’s eye view to real estate properties, construction sites, roofing, Airbnb rentals, sports events, parks and recreation venues, and much more. Drones can also get up close and personal by providing footage of interiors of homes, factories, restaurants, and more. Seeing a business from the inside out gives the customer the feeling that they’ve just walked through the doors of your business. Drones can help the customer get to know you and your business better.

Building affinity with customers isn’t easy, and it takes time. If you focus on what’s right by your customers and use the right tools, you’ll build longer lasting relationships with them. 

With our drone technology, we can showcase your business’ products and services with aerial photography, ground photography, interviews, and product demos. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or to get a free quote.

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