Last year our community experienced an alarming amount of hail and wind damage.

We successfully assisted 150+ homeowners through the claim process in 2019 alone.

Filing a claim can take a tremendous amount of time and negotiation, and can be extremely frustrating...

...Thankfully we have a great team who specializes in insurance claims that eliminates the frustration and provide step-by-step support from start to finish.

???? However, if you have sustained storm damage you are facing your period of eligibility to file a claim.

Unfortunately, in areas like Goshen that experienced widespread hail damages, insurance rates will likely increase.

This means that if you fail to miss the deadline to file, you may be stuck with higher rates paying for everybody else’s roof while yours remains damaged.

If you have yet to file, we recommend starting with an initial inspection to determine if you have enough damage to file based off of your insurance company’s buying habits.

Don’t worry! We know what each company looks for and can help make an informed decision whether to file or not.

We use the same software, satellite imaging & speak the same language they do.

This is important when it comes to auditing their initial estimate and negotiate with them moving forward.

? HINT: 9 out of 10 insurance written estimates are missing items that are, at times, required by city code and would in turn cost you $1000s.

We have effectively recovered nearly $1,000,000 after auditing the initial insurance settlement.

This money should have went to their homeowners, but was held back, and would have came out of our homeowner’s pocket.

NOT COOL! ????????

Again, don’t worry about all this...we will negotiate all this on your behalf. WE GOT YOU!

If you have yet to get your house inspected call/text us at 574-218-0642

Or to see if you qualify simply fill out this quick claim assessment survey and we’ll go into action

Click here...https://goo.gl/forms/TXBNzgpLX5QL9xiI2

P.S. These photos were taken yesterday...our team is already out assisting homeowners who don’t want to miss that deadline.

Call/text us TODAY to make sure you’re not left paying for somebody else’s roof... while yours sits damaged leaving you susceptible to leaks, mold or structural damage!